IN YOUR BIBLE 

       How can one say that they do not know which day is the seventh day ? Were we not taught from infants to say the days of the week ? And how were we taught to say it, YOU SHOULD KNOW !

      In your own bible you can see where the creator (YAHWEH) himself rested on the seventh day       Genesis 2:2 , Hebrews 4:4 , Exodus 20:11 . 

        It was even so important to him that he blessed , sanctified and hallowed it - Genesis 2:3 , Exodus 20:11 , Deuteronomy 5:12 . We all know that when something is important to us we never forget it , for example our children's birthday or our anniversary etc . So how then can we forget the day that our maker specifically told us to remember , after all he is the one who gave us life and he can take it away within a second . Then what would life have profit us if we did not obey the creator .

        Yahweh made the sabbath for man to remember and to keep throughout ALL their generations - Mark 2:27-28 , Exodus 20:8 , Exodus 31:14-16, Hebrews 4: 9-10 , Exodus 35:2-3 . 

          To further the importance of the sabbath day , Yahweh made it to be a sign between him and his people i.e a mark upon his people to show that whoever keeps the sabbath are his -Exodus 31:13  Exodus 31:17 , Ezekiel 20:12 , 20 . 

           There is no where in the bible that shows a change from the seventh day ( sabbath ) to Sunday  as the day for rest and worship. The first day , so called 'SUNDAY' is clearly a working day as it is part of the six working days - Exodus 20:9 ( six days shall you labour and do all your work ) , Genesis 1:1-5   Ezekiel 46:1 , 1 corinthians 16:2 . If Sunady is then a working day then how can we rest and worship on that day , it just does not make any sense. 

            There is only one time when worship is to be on the first day of the week and that is on the day of Pentecost - Deuteronomy 16:10 , Acts 2:1 . 

             The sabbath is mentioned one hundred and seven (107) times in the old testiment and sixty-eight (68) times in the new. 

 So why don't we accept the truth,is it because we are ignorant or we just choose to disobey the creator , Yahweh and his ordinances ?