From generation to generation it is a custom for parents to enforce or ensure that their children has a spiritual life . Deriving from pagan customs and becoming the most acknowledged , the name GOD has lead everyone to believe that  this is the name for the almighty ; but little did we know that this is the furthest thing from the truth . It has been revealed to us , through research that the true name for our heavenly father and creator of this world is YAHWEH . 

   GOD means any object of worship meaning that someone had to make or form it . According to 1 Corinthians 8:5- there are many Lords and Gods . In the hebrew scriptures the tetragrammaton , the four letters ( Yod , Hay , Waw , Hay ) , YHWH  are the letters that reveals the name YAHWEH ; however these four letters were substituted as L -O-R- D   , which is NOT the name for the almighty .  In the hebrew scriptures there was never a name as GOD  , it would have been stated as ELOHIM . In the Strong's Concordance , # 430 , we would see where the title GOD appears the hebrew word ELOHIM is stated , clearly showing that the name GOD has nothing to do with the name of the almighty , the name GOD can never and was never able to be said in hebrew it would have been ELOHIM . If the name of the almighty was GOD then of course his name would have been written in the hebrew , after all the bible was first written in that language , how could the name of the almighty be GOD if the name can not be found in the hebrew , it didn't even exist?. Which means that a hebrew man would have never written such a name . Under the word Elohim ( in the Strong's Concordance # 430 ) we would also see "God in an ordinary sense",meaning that it has no special or distinctive features , it is just normal , the name can be used for anything , it is of no value . Also E.W. Bullinger in the Comapanion Bible, Appendixes 4 , states that the original word in the hebrew bible for GOD is ELOHIM . So do you think that the almighty , the most powerful one will have a name that is just ORDINARY and is of NO VALUE ?   Definitely not ! He would have the most honoured name,  a name that is not just ordinary but is full of power and royalty , a name that at its sound mountains would tremble , knees would bow , and tongues will confess and surely he has that name and it is  YAHWEH !   Yahweh means self existing mighty one , meaning that he exists all by himself , no one had to make him . The sound of his name remains the same no matter what language we speak . Therefore Lord , God or anything else we use in place of where the name of YAHWEH appears in the scriptures is a substitution . By making a substitution we are either adding or taking away  something . Yahweh strictly warns us about the dangers of taking away or adding to his word - Deuteronomy 4:2 , Proverbs 30 : 6 , Revelation 22:18-19 . After coming to the knowledge of the truth it is very important that we follow and take heed  to what we have learnt rather than denying the truth - Malachi 2:1-3 . If we take a look at proverbs 30:4 we would see the question in the latter  part of the verse asking " what is his NAME ? " . Notice it said NAME and not NAMES ! that is because our heavenly father has one name and not many ; proven from scriptures such as : Exodus 3:15 - " this is my name forever , and this is my memorial to all generations " , Isaiah 42:8 - " I am Yahweh , that is my name ." It should now be obvious that our heavenly father in heaven has only one name and that name is YAHWEH . He was known by that name to all the patriarchs of old . He always has been and always will be known to spiritual Israel by that covenant name . Since now we have had the almighty's name revealed to us we ought now to give his name the honour and the praise it deserves  :  Psalm 66 : 2 - " sing forth the glory of his NAME , make his praise glorious " , Psalm 29:2 - "Ascribe to Yahweh the glory due to his name , worship Yahweh in holy array" , Psalm 34:1 - "I will bless Yahweh at all times , his praise shall continually be in my mouth " , Psalm 96:1&2 - " Oh sing to Yahweh a new song  sing to Yahweh all the earth , sing to Yahweh bless his NAME " , Psalm 150:6 - " Let every thing that has breathe praise YAH ." ( YAH is the short from for Yahweh's name - Psalm 68:4 . It appears in the word HalleluYAH meaning PRAISE YAH ! - Psalm 111:1 , Psalm 146:1 , Psalm 147:1 , Revelation 19:1 , 3 , 4 , 6  . It also appears in his son's name YAHshua meaning YAH salvation . Yahshua said " I am come in my father's name - John 5:43 . The sense of Matthew 1:21 is clear " you shall call his name YAHshua ( YAH salvation ) for he shall save his people from their sins ." There is no other name under heaven , given among men whereby we must be saved - Acts 2:38 . all persons seeking for the truth must understand that the days we are living in are becoming more and more evil and inorder for us to make it to the end we must call upon the name of Yahweh for salvation !