When you think of the path that leads to salvation, what should be the first thought that comes to mind? The answer should be eternal life because salvation is given to save from the eternal death; and salvation means to be saved. Many had asked the messiah what they must do to be saved, his answers were always the same as mentioned in Matthew 19:16-19,Mark 10:17-22, Acts 4:12, Luke 18:18-27 and John 10:9. You can notice from these passages that the messiah shows the importance of keeping the commandments in order to have salvation. We can see then, that one must keep all the commandments of the heavenly father in order to be saved. When one is saved they cannot become unsaved. the bible teaches that at the point of salvation there is no more pain, sickness and death as shown in  Isaiah 11:1-9, revelation 21:1-4 and john 16:22. Acts 4:12 shows that salvation is only  in one given name and that name must mean salvation, which is the saviour's name. Matthew 1:20-21 states that the name of the saviour was given from above, it was told to Miriam  by an angel. It is mentioned that he shall save his people from their sins. The only name in the hebrew that means salvation is YAHSHUA. 

YAH - short for the father's name, YAHweh

SHUA - meaning salvation 

When put together we get Yahweh salvation or Yahweh is salvation. In conclusion we can see that salvation can only be obtained in the name of Yahweh, the name of his son Yahshua the messiah and the keeping of the commandments!