The Voice of One Crying in The Wilderness

What do you understand by the term " the voice of one crying in the wilderness?" What does this cry signify?, if you have never taken the time out to look into or study this phrase from the bible we hope that this literature will bring some enlightenment to you. From Genesis to Revelation we can see that the cry is the same and have not changed. The cry is being sent out to warn men to turn from sin before the coming of the messiah Yahshua as stated in Malachi 3:17. Who can endure the day of his coming? Who can stand when he appears? Since the beginning the voice of Yahweh have been crying in the ears of men, the same voice came through the patriarchs like Noah and Abraham and then through the prophets like Isaiah and Jeremiah. The cry also came down throughout the generations through David and Solomon the wise king. John the baptist shouted the cry also, preparing the way for the voice himself, Yahshua the messiah. This voice of love have been saying the same thing throughout the ages which is to turn from sin to be pleasing to Almighty Yahweh. The messiah himself has been proclaiming that he is the way, the truth and the life and that no man can come to the father but through him. ( John 14:6 ).  Any man that will listen to the voice today that is still speaking they can enter into the hope of eternal life. All mankind  are called to repentance and unto life eternal but few are going to be chosen. Those who listen to the voice and do as he says are going to be amongst the chosen few. The few that are chosen are promised to be with the messiah in the end when he returns to establish the kingdom of heaven on earth. They will also see the father's face. After Yahshua the messiah was caught up into heaven his disciples went on and continued to spread the cry, pleading with men to repent, believe and be baptized for the remission of sins.(Acts 2:38).  After the apostles faithful men of Yahweh continued to work, spreading the good news of Yahweh and his son Yahshua. We can see clearly that the Holy Spirit is at work here, since the message is always the same. Today men that are called by Yahweh are doing his work  and so it must continue on until the return of the messiah. In the book of Revelation chapter 11 we see where the two witnesses will be proclaiming the same message of repentance of sins for the very last time and soon after will be the end of grace. As for those who will listen to the voice today and not harden their hearts according to Hebrews 3:15, they will enter into eternal life forever more with Yahweh and Yahshua.