Have you ever considered the elements that are included in your daily meals/diet? Mankind never really question the food they eat they just partake of it especially when it comes to meat. In Leviticus 11:1, Yahweh himself listed the law of clean and unclean animals when he told Moses and Aaron to explain to the children of Israel what they should and should not eat among the living creatures on the earth. The animals that are acceptable and clean are those that have a split hoof and chews the cud, examples: deer, cows, goats, and lambs. They all chew their cuds and has split hooves. Now the animal that does not have a split hoof and does not chew their cud they are unclean and should not be eaten examples: the iguana, the pig, the monkey, the rabbit etc. The animals that does not chew the cud but has a split hoof (the pig), or does not have  a split hoof but chews the cud is still unclean. Inorder for the animal to be clean it must have both characteristics existing in them. The categories of seafood that you should not eat according to the same passage in leviticus 11, are those that don't have scales and fins. some examples are: shark, crab, lobsters, shrimp, whales, dolphins, catfish etc. Some clean sea creatures include: wabeen, salmon, mackerel, tuna, sardine etc. Eating unclean animals from both the land and the sea is an abomination in the eyes of Yahweh.In verse thirteen of the same chapter Yahweh also mentioned the list of clean and unclean birds. The unclean ones are, eagles, vultures, ostridges, bats, owls, ravens etc while the clean ones are: ducks, chicken, doves, turkey etc. In order for a bird to be clean it must have legs above their feet which will enable them to leap upon the earth. Yahweh's laws of clean and unclean animals, from the land and the sea are found in his word ( Leviticus 11). In Genesis chapter 6, Yahweh gave Noah a command to build an ark. Noah was commanded to gather animals in chapter 7, Yahweh told him to take seven and seven of the clean animals, the male and his female and of the unclean he was told to take two, the male and his female. This proves that law was established since before mount Sinai and it was always apart of the commandments of Yahweh. Yahweh knew that men had to eat so he told Noah to put more clean animals than the unclean ones, however mankind still decided to eat of the few unclean ones that Yahweh left to clean up the earth. In the so called 'new testament,' the apostles made mention of the dietary law. For example in Colossians 2:16 it is written that no man should judge the true believer in meat or in drink. This would have never been written unless there is to be some kind of distinction between the meats. Yahweh made our bodies and he also made the animals so he would know what is good for us and what is not. As the believer we are not to let anyone from the world come to judge us on keeping this law because it is a command and is essential for the obtaining of salvation.