Human beings considered collectively, the human race or in other words mankind.

Created in the image of Yahweh, formed from the dust

having sound soul, body spirit and mind

First made he Adam, the father of all living 

placed him in the garden and gave him dominion over everything

yes, Yahweh's plan had finally began to take shape for through this man the hope of eternal life would spring

Because of loneliness Yahweh made him his wife Eve 

who through disobedience caused not only them but the whole world to be deceived 

 This was the point where man began to fail Yahweh 

in exchanging the truth for a lie, they went astray,

believing more in the devil than their creator they were led away

and this is even the state of mankind today.

This then leads me to ask............ what is man oh Yahweh that you are mindful of him?

who after all your kindness chose to worship wood and stone 

who is man that you still care for him?

when after clothing him and giving him a home, he runs back into the darkness to rome

what is man that you pursue him with your peace?

when even after providing their very breaths not one turns back to say thanks at least.

who is man that you shower him with your mercy, ?

when after freeing them from their bondage they form troops to go back into the hands of the enemy 

Oh Yahweh, who is man that you still give him your light?

guarding his path as a pillar of cloud by day and a pillar of fire by night.

and still he refuses to walk straight, 

leaving your path to wander in the way of sinners like hopeless children without faith

Why should you hear their cry?

after rejecting you don't they deserve to die?

who is man that he thinks he can stand against you?

doesn't he know that his life is in your hands and you can destroy him if you wanted to 

what is this man oh Yahweh, that no matter what he does you never neglect?

even though he tells you he hates you to your face and show you great disrespect

who is man that comes to you as if you are begging?

the earth is yours, you have much in abundance,

without you all is void and man himself would not be in existence 

Thanks to your word, oh Yahweh I know what man is

man is as grass, one minute they are all high 

next minute they just wither away and die.

yes in one second their lives can be past 

man was created from the lowest compound possible, 

so classing him with Yahweh is impossible

of Yahweh's grace men are unworthy, for they were born in sin and shapen in iniquity

and when compared to Yahweh they are three times less holy

man is dust and his frame is weak

he may feel powerful by the clothes he wear and the way he speak

but underneath that pride that makes him seem brave 

is a structure of dust that will soon be placed in a grave

although we as men are so worthless 

In Yahweh's eyes we are precious and matchless

there are so many times when we escaped his wrath

not because of our righteousness but because of Yahweh's loving heart.

He believes that man can change so he gives them a chance to enter into eternal life 

hoping that he would turn from his wickedness and strife

Yahweh doesn't want any man to perish 

but into the lake of fire he would go if he wants to remain stiff necked and brutish

man need to realize that they  are nothing and Yahweh is everything, without him all life is vain

and there will be no point of existing

man's days are few and beyond the time set for him he can go no further

but Yahweh will live olam lay olam, time out of mind, forever and ever.