What was the first thing on your mind, when entering the worship room

was it to worship Yahweh and lay your all down at his feet

or was it just to sit down and warm up a seat.

Did the thought even occur to you that today you will be meeting with the holy one 

did you prepare your vessels or is it that at the sound of his voice you are ready to run

when it's time to sing do you feel to take a nap, maybe engage in a little slumber 

or do you feel to stand tall and worship like a worshipper

Yahweh takes pleasure in the sacrifice of praise 

he delights in the fruits of our lips 

He is not interested in how we look, what we wear or how our colours mix  

No longer does require the fat of sheep and ram 

according to the Psalm... ' worship Yahweh, come before him with joyful songs

for to him all honour and glory belong

the people in the world offer it freely to their dumb idols and are not ashamed 

so who are we who serve the true and living mighty one should we reject his claim

Offerings go up to Yahweh through his son Yahshua the messiah,

He paid the price, he teared down the barrier

so stand out, give thanks worship like a worshipper.

Definition of a worshipper, a person who shows reverence to Yahweh

Not just by the words they say but by the lifestyle they display 

we can all stand, with our hands lifted to the sky, dance, sing, move or even cry

but at the end of it all will our offerings be acceptable to the most high

Take into consideration the three hebrew boys and Nebuchadnezzar 

because of not worshipping his idol they were threatened with fire 

Did this shake their faith or make them weaker

No, they stood bravely, believing in their creator, without defiling their worship

They danced with the messiah and worshipped like a worshipper

We ought to hold the truth and not the false 

we were sent out by Yahweh for this cause 

to show men what pure worship is no matter who reject or who gives applause

 Because in true worship there is no compromise

we don't swing the way of men for a prize

This is one of the main things Yahweh despise,

respect of persons this surely defiles

taking true worship and turning it into lies

we are privileged to be able to offer praises to Yahweh and his son Yahshua 

what blessed people are we to be loved by our maker

with this in mind, don't be shy to give honor 

Stand up, lift up your voice and worship like a worshipper!