29/07/2017- ELDER THEO GABRIEL- Drinking from the living water

05/08/2017- ELDER THEO GABRIEL- Children of the promise

12/08/2017-  ELDER THEO GABRIEL- Clean hands and Pure hearts part 1

12/08/2017- ELDER THEO GABRIEL-  Clean hands and Pure hearts part 2

19/08/2017- ELDER THEO GABRIEL- The law being kept by the New Testament Assembly part 1

26/08/2017- ELDER THEO GABRIEL- The law being kept by the New Testament Assembly part 2

02/09/2017- ELDER THEO GABRIEL- Yahweh Alone

09/09/2017- ELDER THEO GABRIEL- Come Out Of Her My People

16/09/2017- ELDER THEO GABRIEL - ELUL - A Time To Repent

21/09/2017- ELDER THEO GABRIEL- Vessels Being Ready

22/09/2017- ELDER THEO GABRIEL- Yom- Teruah- A Day Of Gladness For The Pure

23/09/2017-ELDER THEO GABRIEL- Sabbath Teshuva- The Day We Are Called To Repent

30/09/2017- ELDER THEO GABRIEL- Atonment Being Made- A Covering for Flesh And Sin 

01/10/2017- ELDER THEO GABRIEL- The Blood that covers

05/10/2017- ELDER THEO GABRIEL-Provoking to Love and Good Works

06/10/2017- ELDER THEO GABRIEL- Loving Your Neighbors

06/10/2017- ELDER THEO GABRIEL- Loving Your Sojourners

07/10/2017- ELDER THEO GABRIEL- Enduring It All

08/10/2017- ELDER THEO GABRIEL- The Glorious Kingdom

12/10/2017- ELDER THEO GABRIEL- Behold He Comes

13/10/2017- ELDER THEO GABRIEL- Seeking Yahweh Face

13/10/2017- ELDER THEO GABRIEL-Drinking From His Cup

14/10/2017- ELDER THEO GABRIEL- Family Life In Yahweh, Identifying Our Weak Areas

20/10/2017- ELDER THEO GABRIEL- Pressing On

21/10/2017-  ELDER THEO GABRIEL- Keeping A Wise Tongue

28/10/2017- ELDER THEO GABRIEL- Idols Of The Heart

04/11/2017- ELDER THEO GABRIEL-Patience In Tribulation

11/11/2017- ELDER THEO GABRIEL- The Robe Of Righteousness

25/11/2017- ELDER THEO GABRIEL- Being Good Soil

02/12/2017- ELDER THEO GABRIEL- Knowing Yahweh

09/12/2017- ELDER THEO GABRIEL- Made For His Honour And Glory

16/12/2017- ELDER THEO GABRIEL- The Vanity Of Pride

30/12/2017- ELDER THEO GABRIEL- Shutting The Doors

06/01/2018- ELDER THEO GABRIEL- Being Holy

13/01/2018- ELDER THEO GABRIEL- Yahweh Looks At The Heart

20/01/2017- ELDER THEO GABRIEL- Bringing Forth Fruits

27/01/2018- ELDER THEO GABRIEL- Who Do Men Say The Son Of Man Is?

06/02/2018- ELDER THEO GABRIEL- Drawing Nearer To Yahweh

10/02/2018- ELDER THEO GABRIEL- Being Of The Same Mind

24/02/2018- ELDER THEO GABRIEL- The Righteous Never Forsaken

03/03/2018- ELDER THEO GABRIEL- Rest Comes Soon And Sure

10/03/2018- ELDER THEO GABRIEL- Six Things Yahweh Hate

24/03/2018- ELDER THEO GABRIEL- Judging Ourselves

31/03/2018- ELDER THEO GABRIEL- The Blood On The Doorpost Protects From Death

 07/04/2018- ELDER THEO GABRIEL- Friends Of Yahshua

14/04/2018- ELDER THEO GABRIEL- Watch For The End Is Near

21/04/2018- ELDER THEO GABRIEL- He Protects His People

28/04/2018- ELDER THEO GABRIEL- Repentance Before Salvation

05/05/2018- ELDER THEO GABRIEL- The Holy Spirit At Work

12/05/2018- ELDER THEO GABRIEL- Getting To Know Him ( Yahweh)

19/05/2018- ELDER THEO GABRIEL- Will You Be Ready 

26/05/2018-  ELDER THEO GABRIEL- Vessels For Honor

02/06/2018- ELDER THEO GABRIEL - No power like his

09/06/2018- ELDER THEO GABRIEL- Requirement For Salvation 

16/06/2018- ELDER THEO GABRIEL- Entertaining Strangers

30/07/2018- ELDER THEO GABRIEL- The Blessings and Curses

07/07/2018- ELDER THEO GABRIEL- The Fear Of The Believer

21/07/2018- ELDER THEO GABRIEL- Honoring Yahweh

28/07/2018-ELDER THEO GABRIEL- The Savior has come. why die?

11/08/2018-  ELDER THEO GABRIEL- Freedom In Yahweh pt1

25/08/2018- ELDER THEO GABRIEL- An Invitation For You

01/09/2018- ELDER THEO GABRIEL- The Good Shepherd 

08/09/2018-ELDER THEO GABRIEL- Preparing To Meet With Yahweh

15/09/2018-ELDER THEO GABRIEL- Following Yahshua's Example

22/09/2018-ELDER THEO GABRIEL- The Battle Belongs To Yahweh

06/10/2018-ELDER THEO GABRIEL-  Why hide?

13/10/2018- ELDER THEO GABRIEL- Watch For The Signs Are Fulfilling

27/10/2018- ELDER THEO GABRIEL- Learning From The Greatest Teacher

03/11/2018- ELDER THEO GABRIEL- The Bride Of Yahshua

10/11/2018- ELDER THEO GABRIEL- Accepting The Teaching OF the Messiah

17/11/2018- ELDER THEO GABRIEL- Remaining Strong In Yahweh

08/12/2018-ELDER THEO GABRIEL- looking forward

15/12/2018- ELDER THEO GABRIEL- Forget not his Benefits

29/12/2018- ELDER THEO GABRIEL-Pain, a taste of Yahweh final judgement

 05/01/2019- ELDER THEO GABRIEL-The stone the builders reject

  02/02/2019- ELDER THEO GABRIEL-violence on the earth

09/02/2019- ELDER THEO GABRIEL -Be Not Anxious

23/02/20119-ELDER THEO GABRIEL-Putting Yahweh First

02/03/2019- ELDER THEO GABRIEL- The Only Way To Life

21/03/2019- ELDER THEO GABRIEL- Watching for Yahshua Return

22/03/2019- ELDER THEO GABRIEL- Unleavened Word Of Truth

23/03/2019-ELDER THEO GABRIEL- Rejoicing For Our Freedom

06/04/2019-ELDER THEO GABRIEL- Babylon Today

13/04/2019- ELDER THEO GABRIEL- leaving Marah

27/04/2019- ELDER THEO GABRIEL- Who Is like Yahweh?

04/05/2019- ELDER THEO GABRIEL- why quarrel ,why tempt Yahweh?

18/05/2019- ELDER  THEO GABRIEL- keeping the sabbath holy

01/06/2019- ELDER THEO GABRIEL- The Accuser Of The Brethren

15/06/2019- ELDER THEO GABRIEL- Greater Is He In Us